Smoke Free Beach

Bibione is saying goodbye to cigarettes on the sand: from summer 2019, it will be the first Italian beach to offer tourists unadulterated, completely smoke-free sea air.

After a number of trials and initiatives in recent years, especially as part of the “Breathe the Sea Air” project, the beach resort – which has some of the highest visitor numbers in Italy – has underlined its status as a cutting-edge tourist destination that respects the health of both people and the environment.

The plans for implementing the smoking ban will include setting up clearly marked, specially equipped smoking areas. They will be built using certified wood under the “Filiera Solidale” initiative launched by PEFC Italy following the floods that devastated the Alpine forests in North-East Italy in October 2018.

Smoking areas on the beach

The smoking areas will be behind the umbrellas, towards the back of the beach. Attractive wooden structures will mark them out clearly while ensuring that smokers feel just as welcome here as all other visitors. They will be able to sit down and read a newspaper as they have a cigarette and the areas will also be carefully, stylishly designed to enable people to socialize.

We opted to make them from wood salvaged from trees damaged during the floods that devastated the Alpine forests in North-East Italy in October 2018. The materials come from a ‘Filiera Solidale’ (‘Solidarity Supply Chain’) initiative and the decision to use them is in keeping with the sustainable development concept espoused by our resort

There will be no fewer than 40 smoking areas along Bibione’s 9 km beach. Bearing in mind that smoking is also permitted in the beach kiosks, there will be plenty of options available.


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