Bike Nights 2019: riding at moonlight on the seafront of Bibione

Every Tuesday evening all saddle up towards the lighthouse 

On the 2nd July 2019 the Bike Nights are starting again: every Tuesday until the 27th August, on a weekly basis, let’s all saddle up to cycle at moonlight from Bibione Pineda to the Lighthouse! Accompanied by an expert guide, we will be able to cover the promenade cycle path “Passeggiata Adriatico”, which connects the most eastern point of the city to the one to the west.

Specific collection points are planned along the route of about 9 km:

  • Bibione Pineda – Kokeshi at 8:30 pm (starting point)
  • Lido del Sole – Piazzale Adriatico at 8:40 pm
  • Bibione Spiaggia in front of Hotel Corallo at 8:50 pm
  • Piazzale Zenith at 9:00 pm

The arrival at the Lighthouse is scheduled at 9:10 pm; following, an engaging animation show starting at 9:30 pm that will be different every week.

Furthermore: there will also be a tasting space where you can meet the Viviverde companies of the Municipality of San Michele al Tagliamento, to match the right post-cycle refreshment with the knowledge of products related to tradition, hospitality and local culture.

All saddled-up therefore! Give the shoulders to the sun that sets and cycle along this wonderful bike path that proposes on one side the sea breeze, on the other the scent of flowers. The guide will be able to accompany you on this route also when it will be dimly lit.

This is also Bibione: keep yourself in shape even in the moonlightdiscovering a seaside resort that has a lot to offer!


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